A new world

Are we prepared enough

Agdan's travels, a story of being beaten up.

So back on track, we were making good speed towards the wizards tower.
But as could be expected, we were followed by weird and powerful creatures. I never got a good look at them.

Not untill we were ambushed yet again, Surrounded by snake like creatures with humanoid bodies. Some of them very huge, some of them apparently really sexy, according to some of my travel companions. For some unexplainable reason I was surrounded in the ambush, by several of the most powerful fighters, of the snakies. Easily the match of orcs and maybe even ogres. I held my own for quite some time, even wounding and killing some of them. But there onslaught would not stop.

As i was beaten, cut, stabbed and sliced one of the largest creatures, was killed by one of my allies. Its body falling over me, and being pinned by enemies I could not escape its fall. From being pinned by weapons trying to kill me, I was now pinned under 1000 pounds of dead scaly flesh, trying to smother me. In an attempt to still help my companions, I tried to get free, breaking my shoulder in the process.

Pain being replaced with the darkness of unconciousness.
Spoiler, I did not die.



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