A new world

Bereaved Aftermath!!

Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Erratic defined the flowed of warfare, variables were endless with the means of victory harnessed through many weapons; pugilists , archery, bladed or bludgeoning weaponry, cunning, stealth, and one with frightening versatility, magic. Immediately we learned the hardship of loss and our numbers started to dwindle. Within the time dealing with the arrows of the winged whores, horsemen came charging in an unrelenting pace. Unnatural speed with incredible strength cleaved the head right off of the huntsman Flint, still attached to his newly acquired war lizard. Blood poured everywhere.

My elven guards fought valiantly with keen accuracy, felling winged beasts in the facility which made up the fields. The commotion overtime sprung the wild life upon us and the abomination of the Wizard’s. Communicating matters they strike at some of the horsemen within our perimeter, however they yearned for meat. Yelps were uttered as the goblin Agdan fell in battle by the ferocious batch of cats. Luckily his pack animal was in the way, dying to protect him and being feasted upon because of it. Arianna felt the prickingly pain of a horseman, barely saved only her only for a mountain lion to pounce onto her after killing her steed. My arrows shot true, killing the winged bitch leading the pack with a barrage timed with my fellow fae. As glorious as that was, it was meager compared to the wrath of the druids with newly acquired abilities. I watched as they dropped from cosmic energies of nature shredding them into pieces. Losses would be staggering without the initiative of Dorek, him and his creatures felling a quarter of the forces alone.

Numbers dwindled, though a few creatures on our side perished including Flint whom was wrapped, preserved by magic with the intentions of heading immediately back to Stahlheim for an appropriate funeral for his services. The mountain lions received enough of a feast with the corpses of ally and enemy alike. Apparently that wasn’t enough danger, encountering a horrendous creature whose gaze began to petrify people into stone. Whether or not its permanent has yet to be addressed, now battling for our lives again.



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