A new world

Genesis of the Magi Hunt

Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Time was plenteous, advancing steadily with stricken overreaction acknowledging the treacherous habitat of the mountain region still obviously impaired by civilization deserted. A cincture of deadly opposition thwart the adventures of others or the sentiment struck a harp string for the Elf experienced enough with gargantuan birds, hybrid abominations invoked through the powers of the wizards and apparently banditry, nothing too astonishing on their type roaming the outdoors. Reflection at loss for portions of the chores on my schedule, everyone bought and learned with content.. Two weeks passed; no guards or the messenger. Given an extra day nothing noticeable, meaning potential peril or hardships dragging them into perilous places.

Leisuring safely in Stahlheim needed pause for the wizard appeared as the closest benefactor for an antagonist all parties involved in this amnesic trip for danger lurked with ease whenever the creatures at his disposal roamed the lands flawed based on not considering themselves prey for others. The hunt for this fellow was on, but perhaps the Silver unicorn blessed them substantially.my loyal people were camping off the mountainous region. Paying the retainer to leave back for home for a successful mission, slowing down was improbable after time cooped in the stone city. Springing out were the winged women and horsemen; damn the darkness did this wizard not get the hint.



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