A new world

Lips of a Monster

Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Ambushed beyond recollection of the events that transpired, most of it were barely flashes. Despite my disposition towards these abominations forged by magic, these scaly women meshed with snakes were indeed enticing. One ensnared her sultry lips onto me towards passion I can say in my recent memory have not left. Glimpses of battles occurred with gigantic snakes accompanying them in numbers. The lizard companion of Dorek’s fell with the hawk in criterial condition by his estimation. Agdan lost amidst the chaos, somehow seeking new ways for the enemies to target him. The druids were paramount to my escape, including the assistance of my noble steed in his valiant efforts to free me. From what one of guards tell me, those winged bitches returned as well as the centaurs. Life energies sprung from the arms of Dommoki and Siroin, clearing the area of them with the peculiar tag along displaying his strrength against a few with that rusting axe. Unfortunately even in retreat they thinned our numbers slightly, but relentless we must be. Ridding this area of the Wizard unites us all, hopefully gaining access to information at the same time. We were coming for him.



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