A new world

Mountain Scaping

Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Condemned to troubles in virtually every direction, our travels would force us to Stahlheim, encumbered slightly by the hefty sum of meat from the bird that killed one of our own with a hungry mate lurking in the horizon of the mountain. Naturally we were the buffet or meat beacon for the wild, our resting for the night making it evident for the fact as keen sight alerted to a pack of mountain lions. Siroin found my actions immoral, I detested the concept of stealing one’s properly irregardless if something like coinage or trivial like food…both ironically related

One was wounded but not without fleeing away thanks to the improvisation of Dorek clamoring through usage of his dwarven axe and shield; an excellent deterrent without either side suffering. At least the lizards survived this day, myself preferring not to bury another investment so soon. Reaching Stahlheim, others finally relish the convenience of a town to ship freely. A few tasks were in hand, but mainly we split the coinage we build upon and opened accounts with a moneylender by the name of Georg Gem something… it’ll come back to me. Soon we needed to approach the wretched hive of the wizard, his abominations causing enough trouble.



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