A new world

Raving Savages

Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

We survived the previous ordeal to gradually bring Flint back to Stahlheim to lay his body to rest. Time was allotted in the meanwhile towards other activities under the mountain. When the opportunity arose we all left back on the journey for the wicked sorcerer whom creations of an abnormal nature needed to perish or at least no longer commit trouble for others. I lost myself slowly to sleep during the campground. Immersed deep in slumber left me and my compatriots oblivious to the dangers of the primitive creatures lurking in the confines of the caverns. They have surrounded the group, relentless on their assault with superior numbers. Fortunately our arrival abruptly severed the advantage we shared, slowing their numbers down tremendously.

Overtime with one bestial man left alive momentarily. My opinion of following this one to one of its bases was foolish, the druid functioning on pure greed. This was evident with their sinew numbers traveling above, inflicting injuries upon the majority of us with the Fae guards in critical condition. Eventually numbers were placid once again, having the lone beast swear allegiance in exchange for his life. How impervious to logic were some of these people? I pondered this heavily, but for the meanwhile it has yet to be seen.



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