Heart Might

War Lizard Extraordinaire (Dommoki's Mount)


War Lizard Heart Might and a regular saddle.
Agility d6
Smarts d6 (A)
Spirit d8
Strength d12 + 2
Vigor d10
Bennies 4/4
Skills: Climbing D10, Fighting D10, Notice D6, Stealth D6,
Pace: 8 w/d8 run Parry:7 Toughness:10(1)

Special Abilities: Size 3, Armor +1: Scaly hide, Bite: Strd6, (First Strike, fighting to d10, ), Tail Sweep 1" reach 180 degree arc.

Wall Walking: Cave Lizards can move on all but the smoothest vertical surfaces with ease, and can move upside down with a Climbing roll. [If incapacitated while wall walking, falls]

Fleet Footed: Cave Lizards move at a Pace of 8 normally, but roll a d8 for running.

Trip: A War Cave Lizard can trip attackers behind it with its tail by making an opposed Strength roll. This does no damage.
Tongue Strike: Cave Lizards can fire their tongues up to 2” with exceptional accuracy (use Fighting skill for this attack), to try to grab a target no larger than themselves. This is like a Grapple attack and cave lizards can damage the target in subsequent rounds using Grapple rules but doing Str+d8 bite damage.

Infravision/Low Light Vision: See perfectly in the dark to low light condition, in bright light such as sunlight -2 vision.

Not Slowed in Difficult Terrain: Mountainous, rocky, steep type.

Slowed normally by snow/thick vegetation.

First Strike
Fighting d10
Wild Card
Danger Sense


Heart Might

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