Krac Poison-Brewer

Snart Goblin with a cool attitude


Rank/XP: Novice/5 XP.
Race: Goblin
Agility: D6
Smarts: D10
Spirit: D8
Strength: D4
Vigor: D6
Pace: 6 (Run Die: D6)
Parry: 5 (Small -1 to hit)
Toughness: 4
Charisma: -2, ’-4

Skills: Alchemy D10’’’’, Fighting D6 Healing D6", Investigation D4 K: Craft D4’, K: Magic d6’’, Notice D4, Repair D4’, Tracking D4, Throwing D6’’

Hindrances: Curious (M), Loyal (m), Outsider (Doubled) (m/R), Quark ( R ): Liar (Lie’s at inopportune moments)

Edges: Alchemist, Clever Nit

Defining Interests:

Languages: Goblinesh, Olaran

Gear: 2x Throwing Dagger’s (Str+d4) Range 3/6/12
Staff (Str+d4)

Potions: 1x healing, 1x Succor, 1x Speed, 1x Blind w/Raise

Special Abilities: Tenacious, Thermal Vision


Krac Poison-Brewer

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