Struregard "Stu" ChertScrivens

Given last name is due to his inability to write in a way that anyone else besides himself can read. Like coating a pebble with ink and spinning it on a piece of parchment. Easy to excite. A bit of a shut in. Tries hard to fit in.


N.) Stroo-reh-ruck (Make sure you roll those r’s), the sound of a glass marble rattling against a dwarf’s stonelike teeth, as he hums whilst whistling.

Rank/XP: N25

Race: Dwarf

Agi: d8
Sma: d10
Spi: d4
Str (6): d6
Vig (8): d8

Pac: 5
Par: 6
Tou: 8/10 (Melee/Ranged)
Cha: 0

Racial: Cannot swim, Intestinal Fortitude(Fear/Intimidation can be rolled by Vigour if not Spirit), Low Light Vision, Slow, Stalwart(d6 str, d8 vig start, max vig d12+3), Stoic (2x cost to raise Spi at creation)

Knowledge History(Sma) d8
Knowledge Navigation(Sma) d4
Investigation(Sma) d6
Notice(Sma) d8
Fighting(Agi) d6
Repair(Sma) d8
Climbing(str) d6
Lockpicking(Agi) d4
Stealth(Agi) d8

(B) Education (5 additional skill points on: Healing, Investigation, Knowledge. one additional language. )
(B)Keeper of the Old Ways (
2 Repair, Notice, and Knowledge rolls on metallurgy and mechanics)

5: Alertness (2 to his Notice rolls)
10: Lore Warden ( +1 all Knowledge checks. +3 all “Old Ways” rolls ^. +2 Investigation checks, +2 Notice if related to lore.)
15: Jack-of-all-trades
20: Assassin (
2 to any dmg roll where they strike a foe unaware (even with ranged attacks))

Curious(M), Loyal (m), Big Mouth (m), Obligations: Lore Wardens(M)

Full Scale (2 Armor -4 coverage 20 weight)
Medium Shield 12lbs (
1 Parry, 2 Armor versus ranged shots that hit)
Dagger/Knife Str
d4 1lb
Warhammer/Mace Str+d6 8lbs (AP 1 vs. Plate or Rigid Armor)
Dwarven Axe (Str+d8,AP 1) White silver, 4 lbs.

Backpack, Blanket, 10 candles, Flint & Steel, Grappling Hook, Lantern, Lockpicks, Parchment 20x sheets, Charcoal x3 pieces, Pry bar, Rope x1, Travel Rations 1week, 2x Waterskins, 3x torches,2x soap

Currency: 3500 (In Stalheim), 500 on person

Defining Interests: Restoration of old items, Collecting “Seaglass”, Dwarven Archaeology, Cryptography, Bookkeeping (Serenity): +2 to Common Knowledge rolls when examining records of any kind to quickly understand the system of counting, and to spot if there are mistakes or something seems false or missing.

Languages: +2 sma, +1 edu
Dwarven, “Local” Human, Fae, Goblinesh


Boy fascinated with stories of adventure. Boy interested in discovering places lost to nature. Boy matures. Young Man joins reclamation crew. Years experience recovering sites of lost civilizations/culture. Initiated into Wardens. First job begins.

Inherited Lady Llizbeth III (WarLizard) from Flint Jägerstone’s untimely demise.

Struregard "Stu" ChertScrivens

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