A new world

Soaring Scavengers
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Time away from the hardships of the wilderness felt perhaps inviolable regarding my comfort versus leaving the troupe onto manual labor of shaving copious amount of meat from the drake carcasses. Profits were made, although based on my travel back reacted crudely. Presuming avaricious thoughts influence pawning off precious meat , rational conversation as well as learning it was beneficial to all dropped the subject. We regrouped together, holstered onto an arduous adventure back into Stahlheim to truly garner more funds between our group only growing in size and capability.

By now surprises should barely afflict my mind, however lacking insight of the world would continue to bless the majority of us with ignorance. A colossal monstrosity of a bird mirroring the companion Dorek seem to follow about overshadowed us all. Unfortunately this quickly turned tragic, witnessing this vulture snatching meat we’ve earned, not to mention Dommoki’s precious new mount. The lunacy struck at its highest with Royburt grappling with the winged monster, soaring away as we all attempted to wound it. Escaping with the old man, Siroin unleashed a freezing stream of energy that penetrated through the rectum and collapsed with the old human…… Time to see how he is doing, hopefully alive that one.

Drake Meat.

After dispatching a rather large fire breathing Drake I suggested that we skin it and gut it as Drake’s are known for consuming their meals whole (how I remembered this I’m not sure….). My guess bore fruit as we plucked several gems from the gizzard of the great beast. Also the scales and meat are exceedingly valuable. We split our group in two and I stayed to skin and help preserve the meat. I summoned a few cold pixies to aid us while Baellar and some others went North to look for a place to sell our capture.

Some animals attempted to steal our plunder but our Dwarf friend drove them off with loud sound. Later we met a merchant who we traded severl hundred pounds of meat for traveling gear and some magical items. I feel I got a good bargain.

Lastly a huge bird carried off one of our new riding lizards we did manage to finally down it, but now we have a bigger problem. How on earth will we manage to carry THAT much new meat…..

Home, now if I can get my memories back
To Me At Least

After so long with just a few people I trust, and one of them being an obnoxious elf, we found another dwarf who was able to show us home, My home at least, and Dorek’s.
So glad to find where I am supposed to be, and where I fit in, the elf being some sort of noble has helped in that I have been equipped with a war-lizard again, or at least I am sure it is again as it feels so right to me, that I be on that fine creature, Now for a name fitting of one so fine as it. I will name it StoneHeart as that is the name that all in me feels is right for it.
It has been a while since the comforts of home, but I must not rest yet as the rest of my companions is still out there in the wilderness, and might need aid, we will be able to get back to them quicker now that we aren’t carrying a bunch of drake meat and then we can get the scales and the rest of the meat that we can bring back to Home for the clan to be able to eat better. Then we need to go see about the wizard that is making strange creatures and terrorizing the surrounding lands. later we need to check on the Elf’s home to see if it can be returned from the dark creatures that fell upon it. Mayhap then I can get back to whatever my true calling is, I am sure that IU have a higher calling!

Civilization at Last
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Vanquishing that fiendish scaled giant really spoke of the magnitude this group possessed when two Fae teamed together while the others flock away shamelessly. Needless to say it was apparently relevant for myself with the guidance of Dommoki to traverse further for some supplies while Sirion watched over the rest in the process of separating scale and meat from the lizard’s carcass. Searching for plants a mysterious Dwarven warrior made our acquaintance. A hunter named Flint Jägerstone met with us, admitting he seek ample meat to bring back home. Before mustering any questions trouble greeted us. How I hanker to be in a less daunting scenario, two more of these huge lizards appear which the Dwarf deduced were its mate and offspring.

Circumventing the torrid flames emitting through these lizards was formiable, almost straining my form to remain impeccable . The Dwarvish hunter was absolutely a bold character, removing distance and swinging with an axe. Underestimating him was not sagacious, discovering an opportunity as its tongue flew a few feet away with more rage consuming its thoughts. Dommoki accommodated for some of the foolishness of the hunter, surrounding the hunter to force its claw. My enmity for them strengthened, seeking the pragmatic method by plunging an arrow into the skull of the smaller beast. Aimless thoughts barely could be registered, clashing with its tail to send the diminutive men flying but luckily with some bruises at worse. A grotesque wound marked be bestowed upon me, my armor keeping me hold….for this brief moment. Before we knew it my frustration was peaked, blows accumulating more wounds before stabbing through its mouth with my white silver blade but blacking out afterwards as pain succumb my conscious.

Awakened after the ensuing grasp for treasure within and some sufficient medical treatment did I speak to the stranger. A coincidence or lucky from the deities of the world, finding this hunter whom search for meat happened upon all of us. Revealing his homeland up above the mountains in a region called Stahlheim, my eyes flickered like the stars learning unlike the human settlement true civilization awaited us. Leaving a portion of the meats, a few crystals , and scales we would travel while time was fixated on properly removing portions of the carcasses. Our trip lead us to the mountains with a territorial giant yearning to kill us. Dommoki and Flint blinded the large humanoid before I pierced it through the heart. Collapsing I was informed its meat and equipment it seized control of was not necessary to search. Obliging with his knowledge of the area we headed in, but not before getting stop by more dwarves. It appeared the area was well guarded.

The rest of the afternoon attended towards selling merchandise to acquire more currency, not to mention protection detail with their Clanchief knowing of my family and wishing an audience. Without draining too many hours of light I soon went to his keep or whatever they refer to them as. Meeting with Oracyon Fyrforg was enticing, discovering this was where Dorek and Dommoki originated and were tasked in helping my clan. With all I learned, especially where this Wizard was located….now a few ideas lurked. Knowing the business and territory of my home in Val’Harel.

Scale Treasure
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Time appeared limitless, myself inclined to not let this despicable spell caster continue his grotesque experiments spawning Ox-men, winged harlots, even horseman marauders. Musing on the heroic conviction of my peers, we received an amplitude amount of food to digress slightly. Encountering some large feline wasn’t on my schedule, a few minor scarches before the combined might of the others forced it away. Comically though not to the amusement of my fellow kin Sirion,his faery companion’s addiction for honey left her temperamental. Stirring towards the apex of frustration was his accounts of running into another hive, neutralizing the threat with foreboding words of abandonment should her behavior continue.

Exploring further north luck was on our side thus far, escaping any skirmishes with decent scenery of the mountains. Dommoki’s services helped with grasping some of the herbal ingredients the noxious alchemist yearned for in exchange for granting himself and by extension us some potions with a healing property. Still this group was getting bizarre with Dorek’s mysterious canine following us.

Dorek’s lizard was rather intimidating, however it paled in comparison to the colossal lizard whose domain we entered unknowingly. Frightened or at least by my assumption it was of its larger cousin, it forced its rider into the opposite direction. Retreating like most of the druids would desire probably would not work. Conjured through its mouth were flames, fatally cooking the poor feral canine Dorek had slowly befriend. Many of us needed to evade as minor burns encompassed a few of the group. Preferring not to be laid on the grass again, I unleashed a precise shot of an arrow into the right eye socket predicting we could blind or find a place unarmored at least. Surprisingly it was an adequate plan, though I belittle myself to think it would warrant no result. Sirion finished it with some offensive magic of his own, crackling through its other eye as it laid there dead. Under the proposal of Sirion he wished to slice the beast open for treasure. To my amazement it contained jewels and copious amount of meat and other resources. A shame we threw away another week, but the fruit to our labor likely would mean better resources for the impending future.

Honey Day
Finally someone to talk to

So this day I was out looking for honey, expecially honey of the demon bees. Really sweet and easy to use in cooking and brewing mead. Sell for a decent amount of money, and will make even humans talk to me for a little while.

Well I met a group of beings, one stocky on a big lizard, some tall pale persons with pointy ears, on horses and a old man. They had angered a hive of demon bees. They were thankfully capable of handling the hive, making acquiring the honey easy. They got a little help from me.

So they were hunting some beings that were abducting local farmers, and a evil wizard that apparently is behind the evil mutant creatures. So I decided to join them, partly because they wan’t to talk to me and helping the area might make people wan’t to talk to me.

Also some small adorable flying being called Tith, that really liked my honey. So much that her master had to blow up my honey. Which was awesome, the explosion that is, not loosing the honey. Guess he owe me 50 gold now. What was his name again, Sirion I think.

Well a day of travel we came across some weird man horse hybrid. Which the fighters of the group handled pretty easily. My mule not making for a great combat steed. But being behind, did make me close, when one of the pointy ears, decided to get a arrow in his chest. He needed help to have it removed.

After the scuffle we escorted the farmers home, so they would not get abducted again. Supplies was provided, and now we are ready to hunt again. Without honey now thou.

Payback hurts like an arrow
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Resurfacing from the pain radiating throughout my chest, I can count my armor and probably the Fae’s patron itself for keeping me breathing. Recollecting events everyone got to meet the little green creature known as a Goblin. Calling himself Agdan, he supplied his grubby fingers with honey. Siroin’s diminutive comrade in arms Tithen barely could not neglect her avaricious hunger. For one of the fae or in her case bastardization, she let herself get affected too easily.

Addressing that notion we finally caught up with the scoundrels responsible for the apprehension of the farmers. From afar it was not too defined, however utilizing my superior eye sight and firing at the correct trajectory produced adequate results. Felling the first of these marauders brought a sense of superiority. Dorek leading the close range assault probably was an oversight he would not second guess again. Closer observation told me these were men attached to horses bodies….a peculiar combination but likely an experiment from this Wizard. Finding their melee prowess above average, hamstringing the adversaries from afar seem a most appropriate tactic. Doing exceptional in my shot hit an artery, my victory as numbers started to thin between I and Siroin’s display of magical ability left a good feeling in my chest.

I made a huge miscalculation in that emotion. The arrow sticking into my chest was the sensation as I fell into unconsciousness. After my recovery I learned they left the farmers and half their numbers were eliminated. We saved them, and relutantly lead them back to the farmland. Fortunately, we were fed for our troubles and for whatever deranged reason the Eldakar druid destroyed the sack of honey. Why no idea, though it briefly seem connected to the sentient bug of a Fae. Nonetheless we dallied too long, we needed to see what was ahead for all of us…even the new arrival Agdan.

Why did it have to be Bees and Flying Beasts?
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Body seem accommodating the sensation of that winged harlot obsessed with invading my mouth with sharp arrows. Camping would be implausible in this scenario, obliged to shift this this group away from danger. Evasion from one threat transpire into another by the form of bees of unnatural size. Though my traveling companions might scorn this elegant Eldakar, my excellent steed drove me away from the bees. Luckily my beauty was untarnished initially, these antics bringing me face to face with the wretched hive of winged women.

One acute observation was the one I wounded gave a vindictive glare. Wind accelerated in the afternoon, her fixation on a distinct area to wound me further. Pain barely faded from my cheek punctured, witnessing something out of divine intervention or something stroke of luck. Shot through the heart one of the winged harlots was assaulted by accident by behind, dropping into the ground. Immediately the archery battle was fierce. Both of us planted stream of arrows, wounding ourselves as time progressed. Before it was over another arrow marked my beauty, but my revenge would not falter as a third arrow finally drove her into the ground with the inaccurate third beast soaring away to safety. Despite being outnumbered I survived this encounter, now needing some authentic first aid for this surprise skirmish of ranged proportions.

Accursed Aerial Antics
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Bedeviled predominantly from lingering injuries, I reflect back to the how this unfolded to bring us to this calamitous scenario. Purchasing equipment for the peril we certainly were riding towards, it took great restraint to tell my guards to remain stationary. Partly for protection, another for keeping Arianna company, and lastly to amass more knowledge upon the area which included sighs of that mysterious Fae Yaserra spotted in the tavern.

Pacing ourselves this trek suddenly quicken with Dommok spotting smoke in the horizon. Royburt was an endangerment to himself, tying rope to the steed and proceeding to fall off as well. Excusing myself from putting the fires out became a stark reaction towards all the hazards witnessed thus far. Maintaining eyes on the surrounding implied a good hint of caution for the meanwhile. While investigating the terrain I noticed tracks which added to the horrific possibility of a raider attack where the majority of their resources, including the family was taken from home. Less about pandering than it was the nagging feeling of remaining gallant, we moved with haste, yet not with intent to travel by nightfall.

Personally my foresight into this wizard pertains to the abomination and second hand accounts. Already I was growing frustrated as some aerial beasts with the exterior of a woman lingered in the skies. There were moments where my mental faculties escaped me, but the old human possess some skill of sort or luck. Further demonstrating a wordsmith’s glamour potentially honed by his age, it was enough to allow an opportunity for me to break the trace. Dommoki eventually freed himself, but in a crude form after getting carried off mid battle with the creatures. Chest level for a Dwarf I surmise as problematic for his mandible shredded through breast and nipple, breaking his fall by her body and killing it unconscious. My luck wasn’t so apparent,…or at least it diverged steadily.

Plunging a precise shot commanding tremendous speed and brillant archery shot into the mouth of one. Barely alive from my response to this hypnotic song, she had quite the grudge. Amidst our archery skirmish, two met orally for revenge I predicted. A few of my own hit other particular spots. Of distinction one distracted the winged harlot that triggered its death by distraction thanks to the lewd bearded earth person. Royburt sang a sentence or two to bait one fixated to the ground to pursue yours truly. Fortunate it missed, unfortunately the decrepit staff warrior lacked the timing to phase him properly. I answered with an arrow and thrust of the rapier. Tragically they hit Roybert while Dommoki fired away with a crossbow. His inferior stance and movements caused his discord, but not taking it lightly reopened a wound by tripping me. Maybe we amused them, but soon they left and we each were inflicted with injuries. Even partially healed, the question remained; Do we follow them or not?

Debilitating Trek
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Writing this I fear my assumption of civilization was too entrusted for these people lack the intelligent or excitement to keep one frozen in place. This town had benefits, mainly the Acolyte’s generosity as this entity representing the Silver Unicorn Celesia kept Arianna safe and compared to our journey thus far an opportunity for true sleep. Yaserra assisted while I monitor Arrianna by buying the rooms and securing stables for the horses for a week. What surprised me immensely was the later report of spotting a Fae in the vicinity. I comprehended cautious, though I wished she went to the figure to perhaps get answers.

The couple of days spent were uneventful unfortunately. I believe the only noteworthy activities happened to be the following. This person in charge we have heard much about has yet to be seen based on conversations with the locals. A Carpenter was a little far out there doing work, but probably most fascinating was the encounter with the anxious young Alchemist. Another intuitive moment from Yaserra helped us aplenty as an explosion followed after hearing a disturbing whistling sound. Apparently Alchemist were verse in concoctions , though in my honest opinion their gifts would be better spent on warfare. Nonetheless we learned he needed ingredients. The ironic portion of writing this currently is learning the whereabouts align to where this lawman has vanished and was halfway through a minor job as well. Each were bond towards a territory belonging to this savaged Wizard people describe frequently. I suppose amidst all of these tasks we might as well greet a spellcaster.


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