A new world

Burdensome Hubris
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

No opportunity of rest would be afforded, even immediately after the encounter with the uncanny beast of unknown origin. Horns removed, we traveled with hope of reaching civilization after all my delicate eyes have seen, though worsen with recognition of everything associated from magic stripping the memories and knowledge of this world and its people familiar to us all. Emerging in our line of sight was farmlands, typically proof that it was within the realm of prospective meetings with civilization soon. My guards attempted subterfuge but to no success, though it confirmed a friendly face in the form of a farmer who we later learned was named Harold.

A treasure of insight or at least that was my initial thought until conversation reminded me they were isolated simpletons. Though two confirmations were made; the town we seek was not too far along, however most alluring was hearing about a wizard causing distress. Hearing such a term was associated with spellcraft and whatnot definitely perked my interest though wandering there was not suggested. It was clearer just based on his words that the bull creature called a Taurus was the abomination we fought. In hindsight my decision caused issues for after a day or two I risked my kingdom’s longevity traveling at night just for the ideal encounter with a bed. It also demonstrated most of my present company lacked spines as well.

Ambushed in the darkness, arrows pierced through Arianna. She was morally wounded from the sneak attack from afar while the rest of us receiving minor scratches. We had a chance, but survival was more paramount for my guard’s sake and naturally not to add further graves on the list. My honeyed words convinced them to have us live, dropping our coinage or to their knowledge. I know skewering them was a plan for the future. Forced to camp in the road I awaited for them to catch us. I was berated, though the old man warranted hostile words for people not responsible. Nonetheless I went with the Dwarven knight Dorek into our destination. I expected more, but was excessively happy nonetheless for reaching it. Finding a church would be an educational lesson for later, that acolyte telling me of the Silver Unicorn Ceselia. Unfortunately I had to interrupt her pressed on time , yet learning they help her thrilled my heart.

We returned with no time to search for the Constable, one who later based on conversing with the farmer the following day mentioned searching for those bandits. Needless to state it all, he allowed us to use his wagon. Possessing enough horses we left while Dommoki tended to her. Sirion and Dorek had adventures in the town I care little about. Though some issues arised we finally made it there. With enough spreading about the wizards, mention of the bandits and the intent to learn more, we were going to take advantage of the area for a while.

Impaling Hazards
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Reflecting upon events unfolding the last few days…body stinging ceaselessly for a vivid recollection. The Dwarvish druid as the my kin mention being alike from Sirion, but due towards different patrons was laid unconscious from berries and retrieved back to our little league of wandering people with no immediate goals. Inadequate equipment, not to mention a complete lack of knowing when he consumed the berries left me oblivious on the effects of what he ate. My apathy admittedly dismissed his state, however he ventured to somewhat alert us on the bears so it was only proper to travel. Dorek amusingly straddled a horse awkwardly while the large lizard carried the sleeping Dwarf.

How accursed were we truly as only a day skipped as our frequent acts of hunting the wild life eventually turned ironic as an ample quantity of wolves stopped us from advancing. Horses were scared off, two distinctly almost mortally wounded amidst the chaos. My guards had them scattered thanks to the arrows. Dorek demonstrated strangely decent horsemanship as he slayed the predators. Royburt that decrepit human was lost to me, though his efforts were chasing after the horses with the ranger and Eldakar druid. My own fencing prowess remarkably familiar though how I acquire it….I oddly do not know. A catalyst for making the trip grimmer was witnessing later that Nessius was killed thanks to the collapsing mass of his riding horse, otherwise others escaped practically unscathed. Though looting in nature, we could not afford to bury him with his gear. After the time passed to recover the steeds, we moved forward.

Of particular note was in the horizon with acute vision foreseeing something marvelous perhaps, but gigantic in physique. The withered elder was adamant on not following its trajectory. I suppose his cautious nature was warranted for we ourselves were too ignorant to know exactly what was there. For as we traverse further as on track to our destination it seem, an abominable entity reared its head. A creature unknown to me, bearing the form of a humanoid with an abnormal musculature befitting for a Bull, its fixation was directly on the most elegant of our troupe. Yours truly was the target, producing two holes in my dazzling tunic as horns penetrated through the chest slightly with an immediate thrashing as I was launched away from Maximilius.

Adrenaline pumping, allowing emotions to affect my movements as only temporarily watching the old man taunting it to follow his lead. I think lunacy has affected him or he hid some wisdom that thus far was withheld. Whatever was forged from my marvelous rapier, it reacted harshly to the thrust of the blade as I tried to detract it from my steed. Following volley of arrows from Dommoki and my guards, it was satisfying to see something phase it momentarily. Though odds were on our side, most heart wrecking was seeing my companion struck down while getting kicked aside. Sirion remaining most stolid unleashed a powerful surge of energy that was cumulative with the attacks we inflicted. It finally died and through a miracle my steed Maximilius survived the ordeal. By the gods of this world I owed them now.

Ludicrous Beginnings
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Awakening in an amnesic capacity upon an unknown mountain I found myself hindered. Accomplishing nothing in regards towards recalling anything of this world I fear something mythical in nature has molested my memories. Others encompassed the vicinity of the mountain side. Amongst them included a dwarf enveloped in armor with a chivailous background I presumed with a coat of arms on the shield. Two appeared ensnared by nature, one which was a fellow Fae with a miniature one with wings and one naturally another dwarf. Still unconscious was some hooded human and a lesser fae that I admittedly forecast as a woodsman. Practically omitting in my conscious was an older human, practically an anonymity for he should not adventuring.

Two mounts graced our presence; one a barbarous lizard associated with the Dwarven knight and an alluring ebony steed that bearing the crest of some house I had affinity with. The horse was smitten with me until I withdrew these items from my backpack. Why would this marvelous creature held contempt for this symbol left me baffled. Nonetheless, bickering with most of the lessers I found the idea of traveling on the mountain…. asinine. Two days went by, the only moment worth acknowledgment became noticing a cavern. Dommoki Trollbane retained enough curiosity and courage to shuffle ahead. Occupied by bears with what he later described as a fearsome mother, we retreated as swiftly as one can go hindered by the rocky terrain.

Envisioning magic for his mode of transportation, we ran away but I pushed the idea of heading to the plains as Sirion the other magi agreed with my assessment and the others. A bountiful amount of game was within the area for certain periods. Unfortunately the dwarf Dorek almost ate a toadstool aka poisonous mushroom. Seizing them for a future usage, I found it was fortuitous to cook their meals and if a true danger poison. As days went on…another of my traveling troupe woke up, previously placed on the giant lizard and lacking memories as well after seven days wandering the lands

A day later near nightfall we noticed a group of horsemen. A closer observation told me these were fae and unlike the rest saw they possess my coat of arms. Before a skirmish could be established they relinquish their arms and bowed…" my prince". I was bewildered and as anticipated my hubris made me quite flattered. The older male attempted to masquerade our follies, though they found the lie hilarious. That moment of pride was severed hearing this town I resided within was besieged by an unknown force..something referring to undead and whatnot. Condemned by this lack of memories left me ignorant as a child. They went through a marathon on horse to retreat from the enemy. Although we fed them, most died during the night as well as the steeds. Remaining were four; two Eldakar women by the name of Lavilla and Yeserra. One male Alakar by the name Nessius and a female named Arianna. Christened as my honor guard, the following two days involved this encampment.. but discovering you are the last of your line is quite discouraging and whatever these lorewardens were…Dorek was connected to them. Dommoki went missing for a while, later to learn he ate some berries and was found unconscious by the ranger Shade. To think ten days have passed thus far.

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