A new world

Are we prepared enough
Agdan's travels, a story of being beaten up.

So back on track, we were making good speed towards the wizards tower.
But as could be expected, we were followed by weird and powerful creatures. I never got a good look at them.

Not untill we were ambushed yet again, Surrounded by snake like creatures with humanoid bodies. Some of them very huge, some of them apparently really sexy, according to some of my travel companions. For some unexplainable reason I was surrounded in the ambush, by several of the most powerful fighters, of the snakies. Easily the match of orcs and maybe even ogres. I held my own for quite some time, even wounding and killing some of them. But there onslaught would not stop.

As i was beaten, cut, stabbed and sliced one of the largest creatures, was killed by one of my allies. Its body falling over me, and being pinned by enemies I could not escape its fall. From being pinned by weapons trying to kill me, I was now pinned under 1000 pounds of dead scaly flesh, trying to smother me. In an attempt to still help my companions, I tried to get free, breaking my shoulder in the process.

Pain being replaced with the darkness of unconciousness.
Spoiler, I did not die.

Lips of a Monster
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Ambushed beyond recollection of the events that transpired, most of it were barely flashes. Despite my disposition towards these abominations forged by magic, these scaly women meshed with snakes were indeed enticing. One ensnared her sultry lips onto me towards passion I can say in my recent memory have not left. Glimpses of battles occurred with gigantic snakes accompanying them in numbers. The lizard companion of Dorek’s fell with the hawk in criterial condition by his estimation. Agdan lost amidst the chaos, somehow seeking new ways for the enemies to target him. The druids were paramount to my escape, including the assistance of my noble steed in his valiant efforts to free me. From what one of guards tell me, those winged bitches returned as well as the centaurs. Life energies sprung from the arms of Dommoki and Siroin, clearing the area of them with the peculiar tag along displaying his strrength against a few with that rusting axe. Unfortunately even in retreat they thinned our numbers slightly, but relentless we must be. Ridding this area of the Wizard unites us all, hopefully gaining access to information at the same time. We were coming for him.

Exhausting Scramble
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

These savages exploited the ardor of my compatriots, irked slightly by trusting the word of a previous adversary for potential profit. What ensured was the near death of my honor guard, both stricken painfully by the coordinated assault intended for them. Temptation lingered for that one death, lost in the fervor of battle and survival naturally. Some bickering with my opulent mouthed roughed feathers, nonetheless the fellow Eldakar in Siroin adopted the creature dubbing him red shirt… cannot recognize the joke in that one. Among the treasure was some rusted equipment and some peculiar ax. The Lore Warden jested by pushing the minion into my path, parrying it excellently. Learning of its rusting properties, I suppose my equipment was quite superb in such resistances.

Traveling closer to the Wizard tower left me astonished at the sight of more of the winged harlots tailing us. This disturbed my sleep heavily, keeping myself on guard during those restless nights. My stability mattered little for a temporary problem in this magi. Yawning profusely, we were swooped upon by an unknown. Could they just bother a more wakeful group?

Yet another detour
Agdan's Travels

So Stahlheim, apparently a major city of Dwarves. Miners and smiths the lot of them.
And lots of crafts too, weapons, armor and such. Fancy stuff made for dwarves and elves.

Nothing for someone like me thou, apparently we goblins are a lesser not so important race.
And my magics are apparently not that widespread. Guess I’ll just have to deal, at least untill we have dealt with the wizard, that makes all the evil creatures.

So travelling out of Stahlheim, we wen’t towards the wizards tower through the mountains. I had acquired a new mule, of the mountain variety. So wen’t relatively easy, thou it’s twice as stubborn as my old mule.

We were ofcourse ambushed, this time by some goblinoid looking creatures, of Orc size. Thou not Orcs or hobgoblins. They were very stealthy, there skin almost blending into the enviroment of the mountains. But we prevailed after a hard fought battle.

There was one survivor that was coerced into leading us to the camp of his people. Which was a big cavern, somewhat off course. There again we were ambushed, the natural stealth of the creatures making them able to get close. But better prepared, we were able to fight them off. Forcing the creature that had shown us the way, to become out ally, thou I suspect it will be a uneasy alliance.

Wonder when we will get back on track.

Raving Savages
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

We survived the previous ordeal to gradually bring Flint back to Stahlheim to lay his body to rest. Time was allotted in the meanwhile towards other activities under the mountain. When the opportunity arose we all left back on the journey for the wicked sorcerer whom creations of an abnormal nature needed to perish or at least no longer commit trouble for others. I lost myself slowly to sleep during the campground. Immersed deep in slumber left me and my compatriots oblivious to the dangers of the primitive creatures lurking in the confines of the caverns. They have surrounded the group, relentless on their assault with superior numbers. Fortunately our arrival abruptly severed the advantage we shared, slowing their numbers down tremendously.

Overtime with one bestial man left alive momentarily. My opinion of following this one to one of its bases was foolish, the druid functioning on pure greed. This was evident with their sinew numbers traveling above, inflicting injuries upon the majority of us with the Fae guards in critical condition. Eventually numbers were placid once again, having the lone beast swear allegiance in exchange for his life. How impervious to logic were some of these people? I pondered this heavily, but for the meanwhile it has yet to be seen.

Bereaved Aftermath!!
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Erratic defined the flowed of warfare, variables were endless with the means of victory harnessed through many weapons; pugilists , archery, bladed or bludgeoning weaponry, cunning, stealth, and one with frightening versatility, magic. Immediately we learned the hardship of loss and our numbers started to dwindle. Within the time dealing with the arrows of the winged whores, horsemen came charging in an unrelenting pace. Unnatural speed with incredible strength cleaved the head right off of the huntsman Flint, still attached to his newly acquired war lizard. Blood poured everywhere.

My elven guards fought valiantly with keen accuracy, felling winged beasts in the facility which made up the fields. The commotion overtime sprung the wild life upon us and the abomination of the Wizard’s. Communicating matters they strike at some of the horsemen within our perimeter, however they yearned for meat. Yelps were uttered as the goblin Agdan fell in battle by the ferocious batch of cats. Luckily his pack animal was in the way, dying to protect him and being feasted upon because of it. Arianna felt the prickingly pain of a horseman, barely saved only her only for a mountain lion to pounce onto her after killing her steed. My arrows shot true, killing the winged bitch leading the pack with a barrage timed with my fellow fae. As glorious as that was, it was meager compared to the wrath of the druids with newly acquired abilities. I watched as they dropped from cosmic energies of nature shredding them into pieces. Losses would be staggering without the initiative of Dorek, him and his creatures felling a quarter of the forces alone.

Numbers dwindled, though a few creatures on our side perished including Flint whom was wrapped, preserved by magic with the intentions of heading immediately back to Stahlheim for an appropriate funeral for his services. The mountain lions received enough of a feast with the corpses of ally and enemy alike. Apparently that wasn’t enough danger, encountering a horrendous creature whose gaze began to petrify people into stone. Whether or not its permanent has yet to be addressed, now battling for our lives again.

Genesis of the Magi Hunt
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Time was plenteous, advancing steadily with stricken overreaction acknowledging the treacherous habitat of the mountain region still obviously impaired by civilization deserted. A cincture of deadly opposition thwart the adventures of others or the sentiment struck a harp string for the Elf experienced enough with gargantuan birds, hybrid abominations invoked through the powers of the wizards and apparently banditry, nothing too astonishing on their type roaming the outdoors. Reflection at loss for portions of the chores on my schedule, everyone bought and learned with content.. Two weeks passed; no guards or the messenger. Given an extra day nothing noticeable, meaning potential peril or hardships dragging them into perilous places.

Leisuring safely in Stahlheim needed pause for the wizard appeared as the closest benefactor for an antagonist all parties involved in this amnesic trip for danger lurked with ease whenever the creatures at his disposal roamed the lands flawed based on not considering themselves prey for others. The hunt for this fellow was on, but perhaps the Silver unicorn blessed them substantially.my loyal people were camping off the mountainous region. Paying the retainer to leave back for home for a successful mission, slowing down was improbable after time cooped in the stone city. Springing out were the winged women and horsemen; damn the darkness did this wizard not get the hint.

Mountain Scaping
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Condemned to troubles in virtually every direction, our travels would force us to Stahlheim, encumbered slightly by the hefty sum of meat from the bird that killed one of our own with a hungry mate lurking in the horizon of the mountain. Naturally we were the buffet or meat beacon for the wild, our resting for the night making it evident for the fact as keen sight alerted to a pack of mountain lions. Siroin found my actions immoral, I detested the concept of stealing one’s properly irregardless if something like coinage or trivial like food…both ironically related

One was wounded but not without fleeing away thanks to the improvisation of Dorek clamoring through usage of his dwarven axe and shield; an excellent deterrent without either side suffering. At least the lizards survived this day, myself preferring not to bury another investment so soon. Reaching Stahlheim, others finally relish the convenience of a town to ship freely. A few tasks were in hand, but mainly we split the coinage we build upon and opened accounts with a moneylender by the name of Georg Gem something… it’ll come back to me. Soon we needed to approach the wretched hive of the wizard, his abominations causing enough trouble.

Bleak Future
Entries of Baellar Sarthorne

Capitalization on the soaring giant of a bird amounted to some losses through the death of the lizard. Vigilantly and relentless on the recovery of the old human was futile, witnessing the departure of someone whom represented a pivotal position throughout the adventures thus far in this world turned unknown. Silence lingered in the area, burying the human near the site where laborious labor was applied towards harvesting the meat of the drake and now combat with the gargantuan scavenger seeking their prize.

The druids were tasked with procuring the significant portions off the winged carcass, though most perplexed was the emergence of another green person or goblin as I understood from Agdan. This one was drifting throughout the lands with bottles filled with liquids, later learned to be one of those volatile alchemist. With acknowledgment of the dangers ahead, though too trusting having a friendly face could not hurt in their adventure up to Stahlheim. Most devastating was grasping at the realization in which obtaining more meat was an aimless endeavor carrying off Flint’s packaged war lizard without much distress.

Distractions aside we reached the city of Stahlheim, bounteous gold secured through a financial institute with themselves after splitting the gold would only thrive. Returning back including communicating early by Dorek’s hawk that they were assaulted and…wishing I could omit this portion that some intellectual in Dwarven form tagged along. Greeting were fast and with our numbers sinewed again…we march ahead, For what its worth old man, your presence will be wished. Irritating and somewhat frail, yet competent at moments and tough to brave this trip at your age. Farewell, Royburt Peutarschmidt

Caught between a Roc and a hard place.

We made it a day closer to Stahlheim when an enormous bird tried to drag off one of our laden pack Drakes. Our group barely managed to bring it down before it could escape. Now we are harvesting the feathers, claws, and making turkey jerky!

We did find yet more gems in the gizzard of the enormous bird.

Note: The party heading to Stahlheim from the Roc site had further adventures.


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