A new world

Yet another detour

Agdan's Travels

So Stahlheim, apparently a major city of Dwarves. Miners and smiths the lot of them.
And lots of crafts too, weapons, armor and such. Fancy stuff made for dwarves and elves.

Nothing for someone like me thou, apparently we goblins are a lesser not so important race.
And my magics are apparently not that widespread. Guess I’ll just have to deal, at least untill we have dealt with the wizard, that makes all the evil creatures.

So travelling out of Stahlheim, we wen’t towards the wizards tower through the mountains. I had acquired a new mule, of the mountain variety. So wen’t relatively easy, thou it’s twice as stubborn as my old mule.

We were ofcourse ambushed, this time by some goblinoid looking creatures, of Orc size. Thou not Orcs or hobgoblins. They were very stealthy, there skin almost blending into the enviroment of the mountains. But we prevailed after a hard fought battle.

There was one survivor that was coerced into leading us to the camp of his people. Which was a big cavern, somewhat off course. There again we were ambushed, the natural stealth of the creatures making them able to get close. But better prepared, we were able to fight them off. Forcing the creature that had shown us the way, to become out ally, thou I suspect it will be a uneasy alliance.

Wonder when we will get back on track.



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